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Okay, so I saw my endocrinologist - Dr.Bain -  for the first time. Other than over an hour of waiting and an awkward examination it was alright. I left with a prescription for 200mg pills of spironolactone. Finally, only 2 years late

Aug 1


#wow remember when the doctor wasnt written as a sexist fuck

Really, can Ten just PLEASE get in my bed?! 

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Aug 1

White Holes

White holes are really an intriguing concept. Unfortunately, unlike black holes white holes are just a theory. There as only been one possible white hole sighting and it is unconfirmed. A 102 second GRB big enough to have come from a Supernova with no supernova to have produced it. Where did this burst of Gamma Rays come from? The only way to know is to study more incidences. Let hope we get to see some.

Let me tell you more of what exactly a white hole is. It is what it sounds like, the exact opposite of a black hole. Rather than pulling all surround matter into it, it expels matter. Unlike a black hole, nothing can enter the event horizon of a white hole, only exit - again unlike a black hole.

But as I said, they’re just theortical

RuneScape Membership

So I got my first credit card yesterday from my bank. I am using it to build credit, spending like $100-$200/month on it then paying it back with each pay check in full.
But yeah, first thing I bought was a 6 month RuneScape membership.
Anyone want to play with me?
My user name is Prof Ent

New Laptop (For me, and possibly you?)

Okay, so first off I got a new laptop last week. Bought it with my first pay check. It was like $260, it’s an Acer C710-2490 Chromebook. It came with the Chrome OS, a web browser based operating system. I did not approve of it so I, after a couple hours of research, decided to change it’s operating system to Linux Ubuntu 12.04. Doing this at home with my slow internet took 3 hours to download the OS, 3 to install the first time, another 3 the second time since I accidentally switched it out of developers mode formatting the system and having to start over…
And I accidentally reinstalled it a third time trying to make it boot as Ubuntu.

Now for the news that effect you. Some of you, or all as I may be further out of the loop than I thought, may know about the new computer scientist are trying to design using quantum entanglement.Through the process of quantum entanglement two particles becoming permanently linked and no matter how far the distance, alter one and the other alters correspondingly. Using this in computers will make them so fast that your current laptop, even if it is a brand new top of the line $2000 one, will look like a snail.

With this technology we can communicate across the milky way instantly, if we could get a device out there.

Jul 2

Wow, big update

Okay, so I cannot remember the last time I was on s I will just tell people what is up recent.
I had lost my old mobile a couple weeks ago. It kind of sucks but I got a the Samsung Galaxy Ace II so it’s also kind of doesn’t.
To those who have my number, I no longer have yours so please text me with your name.
But now for the big news. My school - the Triangle Program - had it’s Graduation and Leaving ceremony last week. It’s the first one I have been too and I really only went because I am leaving myself to get my physics credits before I move on to Uni. Every year they hand out little certificates to every student with ta different kind of award name. A friend of mine got the Mariah S. Carey award, a running joke with the teacher. But I got a plaque. The plaque reads “Eternity Knight. For Significant Contributions to the Success of the Triangle Program.” it came with $300. I won it because of the workshops I go, the youth group I run, and the activism I do for LGBTT2SIAQQPPOF people… so yeah!
Yeah.. That’s everything important I can think of right now… Kind of miss tumblr. Should make a point to be on more often


awe their cute


awe their cute

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Heyy Everyone

Sorry I have not been on to post much the last while, I have been busy with school and stuff but today is a special day so I will give you a quick update.
The reason today is special is because it is my date of birth. 19 years ago today I was born. Finally 19, yay~! Bar time.
I have been begging my Math and Science teacher to let me take eleventh grade university level math for the last 5 months and last week I finally got the course! That made me so happy, and I am the only student in the school doing a University prep math course.
My amazing school social worker as been helping me handle CAMH so I can get my hormones, hopefully I will start before the school year’s end.
On the last day of January my best friend, the most amazing a beautiful person in the world Toni California, had surgery. :( They had to get their appendix removed. I was in the hospital from 9 am to 9:30 pm with them, I only left for a few hours because I had a dentist appointment and it was too late to cancel. They’re feeling better now, still in pain but their stitches are also still in.
So yeah, that seems like all the important things in the new year.
Thanks for reading my update! Hehe. :3

Novel Series Recommendations

Does anyone know a novel series under genres such as horror, fantasy, and/or mythology?
The longer the books and/or series is the better.
Thank you very much for your help. :3 

Been a while…

Yeah… So it has been a while since I updated Tumblr with a personal post.
I will inform you of one the recent major stories of my life.
A few weeks ago my Nazi brother assaulted me.
Two days later on a Friday, with the assistance of my school’s amazing social worker Gaela I was able to call the police and try to file a report with them.
The police came in, took down everything about said event, and I informed them of past assaults from my brother, one including a BB gun.
The police did not even file a real police report, they just recorded it in their notes, referring to me as male the whole time.
So the Toronto Police’s LGBTQ Community Liaison Danielle informed my social worker over the weekend that those two officers have done that and that she is going to try and get the case pushed forward into investigation.
This week on Sunday I informed my parents that I have been pursuing legal action against my brother and mother said if it goes to court, I am kicked out of the house.
The next day I met with Danielle, and she gave me some options on what to do and such.
She also told me that those officers that came in and did not file a report will not be getting away with that and will face some sort of punishment because it was discrimatory. 
She is also coming to school next week to take me to the police station so I can give a statement and have a real police report filed with a lesbian police officer.

My experience shows this, do not judge a book by it’s cover.
Some police are disgusting pigs, but some police are some of the most amazing people in the world. 

Which baby are you?




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september babyyyyy~

Im December Baby and its pretty spot on.

I am a February baby and this is quite accurate.

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i saw you today in the kanto region. you were asleep on route 12.


How? It has been months since I visited the Kanto region.

Dashing through the snow, Get the fuck out my way! You’re so fucking slow, And fat, What do you weigh? You can’t fucking sing, I’ll start a fucking fight. Get out of my way you fucking ho, I’m driving here tonight, Oh! JINGLE BELLS, GO TO HELL, GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY. OH WHAT FUN IT IS TO RIDE OVER BODIES EVERY DAY, HEY! JINGLE BELLS, GO TO HELL, BITCH WHAT DID I JUST SAY. RUN THAT ASS CAUSE YOU CAN’T HIDE, FROM MY MOTHERFUCKING SLEIGH, HEY!


… Pardon?

My personal MtF Transgender Confession


Sometimes I feel like I will never get the voice to match. I don’t care if I’m a big girl or an ugly girl, but what matters to me is my voice. I know I’m going to sound so fake, and its always embarrassing for me to speak in another voice. I need couching, but I don’t have the money or the support to get me there. 

Voice will fuck me over. 

I used to think the same thing too, I still do.
But it is quite clear by what people say over the phone that my voice is very feminine.
I have never had any surgery nor have I had vocal training.
My voice naturally transitioned as I did.
I am not even on hormone or testosterone blockers.
Do not fret, for time shall resolve this problem.
Also note, I too am a big girl, 6’5”. 

Nov 4
My Best Friend Toni has been trying to get me to watch this movie for ever.

My Best Friend Toni has been trying to get me to watch this movie for ever.

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